Sunday, January 15, 2012

All along the wall to collapse

Alban Daci

In a globalized world and ever more open, where borders have no value virtual and physical, we, the Albanians, we are the only ones in the middle of Liberty with a large wall that separates us from one another . We came at this time, the brothers, the abatre this wall of abatre forever. The latest events in Kosoéévo convinced me that the abatement of this wall is the only resolution. Therefore, all mass Albania, peacefully, we go to Kosovo.Les Customs (control points) that are among us not only give us alergies but it also reflects a secular injustice to our people . therefore, we hold that as the Germans of the West, we move in mass, in a short period of time, the points of the border between Albania and Kosovo. No one has no reason to prohibit `s enter our country, Kosovo. Therefore, we hold that as the Germans of the West, that `we move en masse in a period of time the Court points to the border between Albania and Kosovo. If we do not do that as people, no one will. I feel that it was time that the union is done! The Union is a natural law and international, because it `s press our will is strong and iron as our history. Do not go to Kosovo to protest, but to testify that it is our country and here we are our brothers!